8 tips to run an effective mentoring program

The HR role is critical to run an effective mentoring program. Here you can find 8 useful tips to enhance HR’s performance and obtain great results in the long term.

1. Ensure you have management promotion. Ask a senior member of staff and/or divisional heads to promote the starting of the programs in company-wide announcements. Management promotion is the first step – and absolutely critical in creating employee buy-in.

2. Focus on what success looks like. Define program objectives before the start of the program. If you use Pack, you can integrate goal-setting into the Pack signup form so you can measure against initial goals and gauge the success of the program.

3. Set expectations early. Inspire mentees to be proactive; they have the most to gain from the experience. Transit them the importance of the great opportunity they have

4. Get people excited. Bring awareness to the program launch date of with an event or an informal meeting. Even a small event ensures mentorship is top-of-mind for employees and management, resulting in better engagement & better outcomes. People can feel shy; if you gather them in groups, it will be easy to create engagement

5. Actively engage participants. Set tasks for mentees to remind them to introduce themselves and schedule their first meetings. Share checklists to mentor them through the process – and show them what good mentoring looks like.

6. Leverage resources and content. Utilise the resources – including checklists – that we will benefit both the mentor and the mentee. You can add them in our LMS section.

7. Monitor and manage. Identify participants who have not yet communicated or are lacking engagement, and find out why. If you are using mentoring software, leverage pulse surveys and program reports to receive goal-setting and satisfaction updates. You can ask it through assessments or surveys.

8. Don’t force it. Life happens. If the situation of a mentor or mentee changes (available time, personal issues etc.), feel free to remove them from the program and re-match the other user.

Cultivating a culture of continuous learning and development is what drives an outstanding company. We understand that there are times when people will benefit from an extra expert or someone to challenge their point of view. Our mission is to help individuals and organisations reach their potential through learning, mentoring and development.

We built an employee mentoring platform that helps you to increase employee engagement, accelerate learning and development and promote diversity & inclusion. We build an environment for your employees to meet with fellow managers and peers outside the work environment, in a more informal setting allowing for trust to develop and ideas to flow.

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