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Pack is the HR tech company bringing mentoring to companies.

Join our Brokers Program and start working with us!

Our mentoring platform aims to counteract 

the Great Resignations,
fostering dialogue
and listening

Increase employee engagement, accelerate learning and development, and promote diversity & inclusion.

Employees identify mentoring and feedback as their preferred learning method.

Brokers Program - Enrich

Join the Brokers Program and work with us!

Enrich your HR offering, create new services and business opportunities.

With Pack, you can grow your client base, your revenues, and your business!

Who are our partners?


HR Consultants

HR Agencies


You can become an official distributor of our solution, so that you can enhance your range of services with software that simplifies business and employee management.

Join our Brokers Program

The Program Includes

Continuous training and assistance, both commercial and technical.

Great trading terms to earn recurring revenues.

No membership fees and no fixed fees on trading terms.

Access to a customised demo platform & marketing support material.

Join our Brokers Program

Type of Brokers

HR Consultants

Are you an expert HR Consultant or a certified Mentor/Coach who would like to expand his/her business?

Turn into an official distributor of our solution to work with our Sales Team and become a key partner for our lead generation activities.

HR agencies

Are you an HR or IT consulting company that would like to expand the range of services offered to the customers?

Become an official distributor of our solution, thereby improving your offering with one of the best mentoring platforms on the market, allowing companies to streamline the entire talent management activities.

Based on your competencies and interests, you can deal with a simple referral of Pack to your customers or a complete proposition of our solution (lead generation, customer acquisition, startup, and training), benefitting from our commercial and technical support at all times.


Are you an employee who would like to implement a mentoring solution in your own company?

Become a Broker and create a competitive advantage for your company, granting access to our services at a discounted price.


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