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Pietro Maria Picogna

Pietro Maria Picogna


Second-time founder at 23, love for people-businesses

Giacomo Gentili

Giacomo Gentili


Startup addict, worked in scale-up with B2B SaaS focus
Federico Drei

Federico Drei


Serial techpreneur, building something new everyday


Susanne Klepsch


Exit in the meeting-scheduling field in 2022, acquired by Sendinblue

Lorenzo Branca

Lorenzo Branca

Marketing Specialist

Communication and marketing addicted, challenge lover
Filippo Tedoldi

Filippo Tedoldi

Legal & Data Specialist

Privacy and cookie lover.
Data addicted
Samir Jabbar

Samir Jabbar

Web & Marketing Specialist

Tech & Marketing addicted, with a little creative secret view.

Corporate Mentoring for GenZ

Fight the Great Resignations, invest in learning and development and promote diversity and inclusion through cross-company mentoring.

"Enhancing organisations,
empowering their people"


We give value to firms and organizations, creating meaningful
relationships between people. We do it through our digital
approach and our frictionless and easy to use product.

Meet Our Team - Vision
Meet Our Team - Mission

"Fostering people growth
with data-driven mentoring"


We empower people, using technology and hundreds of world
start mentors. We foster people growth, with our scientific
mentoring methodology.

Our Values

Meet Our Team - Value - People Based

#People Based

People have always been
our focus and motivation
to keep pushing

Meet Our Team - Value - Accessible


Our motto and our
stimulus to foster personal
and professional growth.

Meet Our Team - Value - Authentic


Transparent, authentic,
data-driven: you can
trust u

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