Mentoring as a way to recover from The Great Resignations

If your company is having difficulty with retention, and you’re looking for a way to tackle the problem, mentors might be the solution. A business mentor and their mentee are quite literally members of a peer group—and it’s because of this that mentoring programs help you recover from The Great Resignation. If you’re looking to improve staff morale, reduce staff attrition and ensure retention through career progression then mentoring is a great place to start.

Mentoring is no longer a buzzword; it’s become an essential part of business life. Nearly every organisation now has a mentoring program or mentorship initiative, and for good reason: it improves staff retention, job satisfaction and performance.

The bottom line is, mentorships are a win-win for both employees and employers. Employees get the skills they need to thrive and feel fulfilled by their workplace; employers keep talented people on board and free from leaving to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. You’ve probably already heard that mentoring is a worthwhile investment for any business looking to combat The Great Resignation.

Mentoring is frequently cited as a powerful tool for employees’ career development, but it’s also something which can have a positive effect on your business. It’s relatively easy to set up and doesn’t require much management or upkeep (from both an employee and employer perspective), so if you want to use mentoring as a way to handle the high turnover of your talent pool then here are some tips.

Of course, mentoring must be more than just another bullet point on your employee benefits rundown – as with any employee benefit, it’s important to deliver programs that directly benefit your employees. This means catering to their needs. Mentees often want a more formal environment in which they can ask questions and receive advice, while mentors are more likely to take an informal approach.

Having a mentor is one of the best things someone can do for their career. And we’re not just saying that because we sell mentoring software. So, before you think about implementing a new program or initiative, consider the benefits of mentoring programs as an alternative. Mentoring can be a great retention tool to help your business recover from The Great Resignation , and it could also make your mentees more productive in the long run

Cultivating a culture of continuous learning and development is what drives an outstanding company. We understand that there are times when people will benefit from an extra expert or someone to challenge their point of view. Our mission is to help individuals and organisations reach their potential through learning, mentoring and development.

We built an employee mentoring platform that helps you to increase employee engagement, accelerate learning and development and promote diversity & inclusion. We build an environment for your employees to meet with fellow managers and peers outside the work environment, in a more informal setting allowing for trust to develop and ideas to flow.

Pack provides your business with the tools to engage, accelerate and measure learning and development. Our fully customisable platform empowers anyone to enhance their experience of working at your organisation. From internal members to external stakeholders, Pack is the ultimate platform for mentoring, learning and developing.

Pack allows you to easily connect your employees with career role models and develop their skills through mentoring programs. Pack is fully adjustable with the ability to modify it to suit your company requirements, and creates engaging experiences for both internal & external roles. We believe that companies of all sizes can benefit from customised mentoring programmes, so we’ve made Pack accessible for all budgets.