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How does it work?

Pack is the ideal solution for companies that want to obtain the benefits of mentoring by enhancing their internal programmes or by building ad-hoc paths for junior employees to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

1. Goal Setting

Structure the programme, set the objectives, select the Mentees and mentoring paths with the support of our team. 

2. Onboarding e Matching

Invite Mentees to the platform and start the matching process with Mentors in the network.

3. Mentoring e Monitoring

Follow the evolution of the programme by monitoring data and feedback in real time to optimise the impact of routes.


Below you will find some of the most common questions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about Pack.

Mentoring is a learning methodology based on role-modeling with respect to a specific competence or set of knowledge and skills transferred with a non-directive coaching style. The Mentor is not only a person who can teach how to behave in a certain way or how to achieve a certain goal but is also an example of a specific set of values.

The Pack Mentor is a professional with a track record of excellence in both his/her work and mentoring experiences. The Pack Mentor establishes one or more mentoring relationships with junior employees in order to represent a cross-company role model and accelerate the personal and professional development of Mentees by sharing his/her own experience. To be a Mentor, it is not enough to have an excellent professional curriculum: Pack’s Mentors are empathetic, able to listen, and represent a reference model for Mentees; they do not provide the magic formula but know how to understand difficulties. They are able to generate several hypotheses regarding the same problem and are used to experimenting and recounting their own experiences and how these have helped them to grow.

There is no limit to the number of sessions that can be booked. The rule of common sense applies: booking sessions without a real need is of no value. Each session also requires a ‘digestion’ time during which Mentees have the opportunity to put the advice received into practice. Although variable, a frequency of about 2 sessions per month can be considered as a rule of thumb and good practice.

Once the Mentor-Mentee pairing has been made, the Mentee can schedule an initial call to get to establish a mentoring plan based on the Mentee’s development goals. Either party may, at any time, terminate the mentoring relationship if there is a lack of mutual understanding, informing the Pack team. The Mentor is not obliged to assign tasks to the Mentee or to set a specific frequency for meetings after the first one. The topic of the meetings must be specified by the Mentee when booking the call and must be relevant to the mentoring objectives established during the initial call between Mentor and Mentee. After each meeting, the Mentee has the opportunity to share feedback on the experience in order to better tailor subsequent meetings with the Mentor.

Every Mentee has the opportunity to receive valuable advice from a more experienced Mentor. However, the most valuable outcome of the program is the lifelong bond that can be created: keep in mind that the Mentor will dedicate part of his/her time to mentoring, so we recommend that Mentees commit to the program and try to make the best of it. Mentees should be proactive in booking mentoring sessions and work on the personal and professional development topics addressed during the mentoring program.

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