What is Pack?

At Pack, we believe that learning and mentoring should be a natural part of everyone’s working day. When employees feel supported, engaged and challenged, their results improve. By building a solid mentoring programme into your workplace, you can elevate the experience of learning and development for your people.

Cultivating a culture of continuous learning and development is what drives an outstanding company. We understand that there are times when people will benefit from an extra expert or someone to challenge their point of view. Our mission is to help individuals and organisations reach their potential through learning, mentoring and development.

We built an employee mentoring platform that helps you to increase employee engagement, accelerate learning and development and promote diversity & inclusion. We build an environment for your employees to meet with fellow managers and peers outside the work environment, in a more informal setting allowing for trust to develop and ideas to flow.

Pack provides your business with the tools to engage, accelerate and measure learning and development. Our fully customisable platform empowers anyone to enhance their experience of working at your organisation. From internal members to external stakeholders, Pack is the ultimate platform for mentoring, learning and developing.

Pack allows you to easily connect your employees with career role models and develop their skills through mentoring programs. Pack is fully adjustable with the ability to modify it to suit your company requirements, and creates engaging experiences for both internal & external roles. We believe that companies of all sizes can benefit from customised mentoring programmes, so we’ve made Pack accessible for all budgets.