Corporate Mentoring For GenZ: Make Your Employees Happy

Fight the Great Resignations, invest in learning and development and promote diversity and inclusion through cross-company mentoring.

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Connect your company's GenZ
with Mentors working in these realities:


The battle to retain and
engage talent has become costly


burnt in resignations
and new hires


record resignations in Italy (2022)


of companies don't know which
drivers increase performance

Mentoring Platform - Problem

How can you integrate the demands of younger generations with those of your company? How can you improve employee retention and satisfaction?

The solution is mentoring.


Why investing in Mentoring?

Mentoring Platform - Solution


Increase in retention


Percentage of employees who recognise it
as their preferred learning method


Increased involvement of those who
participate in mentoring programs

Accelerate the growth of junior talents and get

Happy Employees


Plug & play solution, immersive UX


Give your employees access to the Pack platform in just a few clicks and accelerate the personal and professional development of your talents by connecting them with the best mentors in the world in a fully digital environment.

Individual and customised matching

Automatic call reservation

Management of profiles and training resources


Custom and data-driven management

Full, 360°

Structure and customize the program according to your needs, monitor progress in real-time, analyze employee feedback, and review relevant metrics.

Customization of mentoring paths

Continuous collection of feedback

Real-time data monitoring and reporting

Discover the 100+ Mentor network

Entrepreneurs, successful managers, certified professionals and mentoring enthusiasts with more than 1.500+ years of experience.

Discover our mentoring platform

How does it work?

Pack is the ideal solution for companies that want to obtain the benefits of mentoring by enhancing their internal programmes or by building ad-hoc paths for junior employees to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

1. Goal Setting

Structure the programme, set the objectives, select the Mentees and mentoring paths with the support of our team. 

2. Onboarding e Matching

Invite Mentees to the platform and start the matching process with Mentors in the network.

3. Mentoring e Monitoring

Follow the evolution of the programme by monitoring data and feedback in real time to optimise the impact of routes.

Our paths

Mentoring programmes

Intrapreneurship and Innovative Mindset

Turns employees into in-house entrepreneurs and facilitate the generation and development of innovative ideas.

How to Give and Receive Feedback

Prevent conflicts and facilitate collaboration between colleagues by improving team dynamics through systematic feedback management.

Smart Leadership

Accelerate the transformation of talent into tomorrow's leaders, capable of motivating and leading high-impact teams.

Well-being and Personal Growth

Prevent burnout by initiating inner knowledge paths to increase awareness and motivation levels.

Sales and Negotiation

Improve your employees' listening, negotiating, and selling skills to accelerate their understanding of business transactions.

Comunication and Public Speaking

Perfect your communication skills in public and private contexts with the best verbal/para verbal communication techniques.

Time and Stress Management

Support the prioritization of activities and prevent the spread of negative behavior on the health status of employees.

EMCC Certification

Our social and environmental commitment


Quality education, decent work, and economic growth are among our main goals: Pack is focused on promoting the development of workplaces that generate well-being for employees and full and productive employment for companies.

Over the next 10 years we want to impact 1% of the workforce (30M people) by helping companies retain their talents with investments to maximize their potential.


The ZeroCO2 partner is an integral part of our model: every 100 mentoring sessions we plant a Posidonia Oceanica to offset our environmental impact.


Ogni 100 sessioni di mentoring, noi e zeroCO2 piantiamo una Posidonia Oceanica per compensare l’impatto ambientale.

zeroCO2 diventa parte integrante del modello di business di Pack.

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