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Best mentors, incredibile growth

Our mentors' network is made of 100+ world-class professionals with 1500+ years of experience in 20+ industries and 10+ areas of expertise.

Employee development platform matching your employees with the best mentors to guide them in their personal and professional growth.

Easy to use platform

Book Meetings

Users can book mentoring sessions with a single click and join web calls in the platform.

Share Feedback

Gather continuous feedback from all the players involved: mentors, mentees, and managers.

Monitor Progress

Track the program evolution and extract users' insights with beautiful and easy-to-read dashboards.

External Mentoring

Customized match.

Our matching algorithm considers 10+ variables (e.g.: goals, background, development areas, personal preferences, etc.) to suggest the best mentors for each mentee. Matches are never forced, both sides have to get to know each other and agree before committing.

Broader expertise.

Our mentors have more than 1500 years of experience in 20+ industries and 10+ areas of expertise and come from all over the world. They are entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, certified mentors, and coaches with lots of expertise in personal development topics and business and/or technical backgrounds.

Highest quality

Only 7% of the mentors applying for our network get selected. We have partnerships with the best entities in the mentoring field, including SIM, to ensure the highest standards in the selection process. Additionally, we are proud to announce our subscription to EMCC Italia, which further strengthens our commitment to excellence in mentoring. We also continuously invest in the training of our network to provide top-notch mentorship to our members.

Passionate mentors.

We make sure that every single mentor is aligned with our values and is truly passionate about accelerating people's development. Nobody within our network joins us for the financial rewards. Mentoring is an enriching experience on both sides: this is the first driver for all our mentors.

A scientific method

Our mentoring methodology is based on solid principles to let people unveil their full potential. Our process was developed in collaboration with the main authorities in the field and approved by a Scientific Committee made of international industry experts.

Unbiased Proactive Supportive Holistic Confidential Creative

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